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Photo of the satellite Triton of the planet Neptune
Triton   Neptune I

Hide this area Orbit data
Mean distance from the planet Neptune 354.760 km
Orbital period around the planet Neptune (sideric) (reciprocal) - 5,8769 d
Mean orbital velocity (reciprocal) - 4,39 km/s
Orbital inclination 156,834 °
Eccentricity of the orbit around the planet Neptune 0,0000
Hide this area Object data
Discovered by William Lassell 1846
Mass 2,147 × 1022 kg
Equatorial radius 1353,4 km
Mean density 2,061 g/cm³
Escape velocity 1,455 km/s
Surface force of gravity 0,78 m/s²
Rotational period (reciprocal, synchronous) - 5,8769 d
Mean surface temperature 38 K
Albedo 0,76
Apparent magnitude + 13,47 mvis
Hide this area Atmosphere
The surface pressure of the atmosphere is 10-6 bar.
  Nitrogen (N2)
  Methane (CH4)
  Hydrogen (H2)
  Carbon monoxide (CO)
Hide this area Mythology

In Greek mythology, Triton is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite and lives with them in a golden palace in the depths of the sea. He rides the waves on horses and sea monsters and he carries a twisted conch shell, upon which he blows either violently or gently, to stir up or calm the waves.

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