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Photo of the satellite Leda of the planet Jupiter
Leda   Jupiter XIII

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Mean distance from the planet Jupiter 11.170.000 km
Orbital period around the planet Jupiter (sideric) 240,92 d
Mean orbital velocity 3,38 km/s
Orbital inclination 27,47 °
Eccentricity of the orbit around the planet Jupiter 0,164
Hide this area Object data
Discovered by Charles Thomas Kowal 1974
Mass 5,68 × 1015 kg
Equatorial radius 5 km
Mean density 2,7 g/cm³
Escape velocity 0,0097 km/s
Albedo 0,07
Apparent magnitude + 20,2 mvis
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Leda was the daughter of Thestius and the wife of Tyndareus. She has been known as the Queen of Sparta. Leda was seduced by Zeus when he came to her in the form of a swan. Leda gave birth to an egg. From it hatched the twins Castor and Pollux. With Zeus she also had Helen of Troy and with Tyndareus she had Clytemnestra.

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