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Satellites by size
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Here you can view a list of the planets, moons, asteroids and comets having them sorted by size. The list will show all objects that are stored in this webpage, a full list is not available here.

Number of objects    Sun
Display list starts with Planets
smallest object Dwarf Planets
biggest object Moons

Name Radius
Sun   695.950 km
Jupiter   71.492 km
Saturn   60.268 km
Uranus   25.559 km
Neptune   24.764 km
Earth   6378,14 km
Venus   6051,8 km
Mars   3397,2 km
Ganymede   Jupiter III   2631,2 km
Titan   Saturn VI   2575 km
Mercury   2439,7 km
Callisto   Jupiter IV   2410,3 km
Io   Jupiter I   1821,6 km
Moon   Earth I   1738,1 km
Europe   Jupiter II   1560,8 km
Triton   Neptune I   1353,4 km
Eris   1200 km
Pluto   1151 km
Titania   Uranus III   788,9 km
Rhea   Saturn V   764 km
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