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Photo of the satellite Skathi of the planet Saturn
Skathi   Saturn XXVII (S/2000 S8)

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Mean distance from the planet Saturn 15.647.000 km
Orbital period around the planet Saturn (sideric) (reciprocal) - 728,9 d
Orbital inclination 152,7 °
Eccentricity of the orbit around the planet Saturn 0,270
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Discovered by John J. Kavelaars, Brett James Gladman 2000
Mass 3,1 × 1014 kg
Equatorial radius 3,2 km
Mean density 2,3 g/cm³
Albedo 0,06
Apparent magnitude + 23,6 mvis
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Skadi is, in Norse myth, a giantress and the embodiment of winter. She is the wife of the god Njord. When her father Thiazi was slain by the gods, Skadi wanted to take revenge. The gods thought it wiser to reconciliate and offered her a marriage with one of them.

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