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Entertaining Stories
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I have collected the following, hopefully entertaining, stories from the beginning of the Computer and Internet age for a while now. At the end of this list are some additional external links to other websites and interesting documents. A small graphic for informations
File iconA Problem in the Marketing (author unknown)
File iconAcademic Programmers - A Spotter's Guide from Pete Fenelon
File iconAccident report on Pegasus air-strike accident (author unknown)
File iconAddicted to the Internet... (author unknown)
File iconAlice in DIGITALand from Richard Salz
File iconBill Gates against the Borgs from Andreas Reeh
File iconConfuser News from Stuart Freedman
File iconCreators admit Unix, C hoax from Jeff Johnson
File iconDEC Wars from Alan Hastings, Steve Tarr & Dave Borman
File iconDevice Manual (author unknown)
File iconHow to Hire a Programmer from Kevin D. Weeks
File iconHyper-Ethernet from Ed McGuire
File iconManual page for BABY (author unknown)
File iconManual page for CRASHED from Neil Franklin
File iconManual page for DREAM (author unknown)
File iconMicrosoft test Nuclear Device at secret Hanford Facility (author unknown)
File iconMurphy's Law from Joe Chase
File iconMurphy's Law - Corrolaries (author unknown)
File iconNULL: A Computer Language Breakthrough from John R. Andrews
File iconReal Programmers don't eat quiche (author unknown)
File iconReal Programmers don't use PASCAL from Ed Post
File iconReal Programmers don't use FORTRAN, either ! (author unknown)
File iconSoftware Olympics (author unknown)
File iconSoftware you'll never see (author unknown)
File iconStar Trek V - The EMAIL message from Miles O'Neal
File iconStroustrup's Interview (author unknown)
File iconThe Creation (author unknown)
File iconThe Paging Game from Jeff Berryman
File iconThe Tao of Programming (author unknown)
File iconThe ten commandments for C programmers from Henry Spencer
File iconThe ten commandments for DOS (author unknown)
File iconThe UNIX hierarchy from John Gilmore
File iconThe VAX/VMS Genesis Manual from Bernd Onasch
File iconThe VAXorcist from Christopher Russell
File iconThis explains everything ! (author unknown)
File iconUNIX History from Alan Filipski
File iconUNIX Wars from Eric Raymond
File iconVAXen, My Children, Just Don't Belong In Some Places from Jack Harvey
File iconVAX/VMS SPR for year 2000 (author unknown) New
File iconWizardry Compiled from Rick Cook
File iconWrite in C ! (author unknown)
File iconHobbes' Internet Timeline from Robert H. Zakon on
File iconZen and the Art of the Internet from Brendan P. Kehoe on
File iconThe Bastard Operator from Hell on
File iconThe Hacker Crackdown from Bruce Sterling on
File iconThe Rainbow Series Library on
File iconThe Usenet FAQ on
File iconVAX/OpenVMS - The 20th anniversary from Digital Equipment Corp. 1977-1997 (2488 kB)
File iconA Mathematical Theory of Communication from Claude Elwood Shannon, Bell Labs. (358 kB)
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