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This homepage is a private website and has no commercial goals at all.


Bernd Onasch
Kaiserallee 77 a
76185 Karlsruhe



The court "Landgericht" Hamburg decided with the sentence on May 12th 1998 (Az. 312 O 85/98 - "Liability for links") that by placing a link on a webpage, one is liable for the content of this linked webpage as long as one knows the content and preventing illegal content is technical possible. The only way to avoid this liability is to explicitely dissociate oneself from the content on that linked webpage.

I declare hereby explicitely that those linked webpages did not contain illegal content at the time I placed that link. I do not have any leverage on current or future design or content of those linked webpages. Because of this, I dissociate myself explicitely from any content on linked webpages that was changed after placing the link.

This declaration is valid for all external links on my private homepage. I am grateful for any hints on bogus, incomplete or dubious links to content that are placed on my homepage.

Note on trademarks

Some of the hard- and software-products mentioned on this homepage are registered trademarks or should be considered being such.

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