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Murphy's Law - Corrolaries
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Murphy's Law - Corrolaries

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Gutterson's Law
  • Every nicely starting software project ends bad.
  • Every badly starting software project ends even worse.
Kleinbrunner's Corrolaries
  • If a software problem seems to be easy, it will be tough.
  • If a software problem seems to be tough, it will be impossible.
Munbright's Laws
  • Every new program is outdated as soon as it works.
  • Every new program is more expensive and requires more resources.
  • If a program is useful, it has to be changed.
  • If a program is useless, it has to be documented.
  • Every program is a bit larger than possible for the given memory resources.
  • The value of a program is anti-proportional to the amount of paper used by this program.
  • The complexity of a program will grow until it exceeds to abilitities of the programmer who has to maintain it.
  • The worst bug will be found after the program is released for more than six months.
  • System independent code does not exist.
  • Every additional programmer will delay the release date further.
  • Software problems are bigger if you have less time to solve them.
Farvour's Law
  • There is always one remaining bug.
Brunk's Law
  • A source listing with a start will also have an end.
Zeppelmier's Corrolaries
  • The last four source pages of a critial program are always lost.
Pennington's Observation
  • The probability for a program to work correctly is anti-proportional to the programmer's trust into his abilities.
Brooks' Law
  • Putting twice as many programmers on a project that is late will make it twice as late.
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